How do I get a tag to hunt big game in Wyoming? 

The Wyoming fish and game department issues tags for elk, antelope, mule deer and moose on a preference point system.  In recent years elk and mule deer tags have been successfully drawn by applicants having one preference point.  Antelope tags have been somewhat more difficult to draw and require 1-2 points.  Moose tags are the most difficult tags to draw and require 10-12 preference points to draw a bull moose tag in units 10-22-24, and 25.

How do I get preference points?

 Preference points can be purchased from the Wyoming fish and game website.  Use form 30 which will be available after June 15th.  Preference point applications will be accepted by the Wy F&G from July 1 through Sept.30 and can be used for the drawings the following year.  A preference point purchased by Sept. 30, 2013 will be good for the 2014 hunting season drawings.  Plan ahead.  Purchase your preference point this year for next years hunt.

What are special tags?

A portion of nonresident big game tags are set aside and designated as special tags.  The special tag is more expensive and usually has less demand.  While these tags are more expensive they usually require less preference points to draw and offer better odds of drawing a tag.  In some cases a big game tag can be drawn without any preference points if you elect to use the special tag.  Call us regarding which tag you should consider applying for to ensure you get drawn for the hunt you are interested in.  We can assist you in applying for your tags and/or preference points.

  SPECIES/TYPE  all nonresident tags  DRAWING DEADLINE  COST  
 Elk regular   January 1-31  692.00  
 Elk special  January 1-31  1268.00  
 Elk cow calf  January 1-31  288.00  
 Mule Deer regular  January 1- March 15  374.00  
  Mule Deer special  January 1- March 15   662.00  

  Mule Deer doe fawn

 January 1- March 15    
 Antelope regular  January 1- March 15  326.00  
 Antelope special   January 1- March 15  614.00  
 Antelope doe fawn  January 1- March 15     
 Moose  January 1- February 28    
 Black bear  over the counter  373.00  
 Elk feedground stamp    12.50  
 Conservation stamp    12.50  
 Archery    30.00  
 Nonresident license application fee    14.00  
 Elk preference point  July 1- September 30  50.00  
 Deer preference point  July 1- September 30  40.00  
 Antelope preference point  July 1- September 30  30.00  
 Moose preference point  July 1- September 30  75.00  
The Wyoming Nonresident Preference Point application form is now available online.  Paper copy applications must be sent in and received in the Wyoming Game and Fish Offices before September 30.

The link above is to: Form 30 Nonresident Preference point application form. Make a copy of this form, fill it out and mail it to the Wyoming Game and Fish in Cheyenne. There is only one form to be used for all types of preference points. If you have any intentions of going hunting for elk, mule deer or pronghorn antelope in the next 2-3 years it would be a good idea to purchase a point for each species you might be interested in. The points are good for as long as you have some activity on your account every other year, i.e. purchase of a preference point every other year. If you have any trouble with this contact me. You can also log in to the Wy G and F website and purchase your points online.
Good luck, John Berger

Please note: Under the provisions of Section 23-2-106 of Wyoming statutes (a) No person born on or after January 1, 1966, may apply for and receive any Wyoming hunting license, nor take any wildlife by the use of firearms on land other than that of his own family, unless the person possesses and can exhibit a certificate of competency and safety in the use and handling of firearms as provided by subsection (b) of this section. Wyoming accepts hunter safety certificates from other states, countries or provinces. Certificates need not be shown to apply for or obtain a license, but must be carried in the field.


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